We at Thorn Meadow hope you enjoy your visit. We strive in
producing quality miniature horses and ponies that are
conformationally correct, with classic beauty  and with superior
minds. We chose our breeding stock based on the individual
pony and horse not just heritage alone. While our stallions are a
huge part of our aim to produce outstanding foals, we believe
that  mares are the backbone of any successful breeding
program.  We also want our foals to possess substance and fluid
movement. After all, we want to provide a lifetime of love, beauty
and  many years of enjoyment to our customers.
About Thorn Meadow
From the beginning we knew
there was something special
about miniature horses and
Shetland ponies.
We so enjoy our time spent
with them.  Whether we are
out playing in the pastures,
sitting on the deck just
watching them or showing
them at Nationals or
Congress. It's all good!
We have met so many nice and interesting people since we got involved with
Minis and ponies. Ron and our mini Lacey (the above picture) has been
placed on a book cover about miniature horses. It is called "Mini Manual For
New Owners New Edition!!"  Written by Toni M. Leland of
Small Horse Press